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Savvy ways to promote your event planning staff of entrepreneur media, start your own event planning business, the staff of entrepreneur media inc. And writer cheryl kimball explain how you can get started in the event planning industry, whether you want to work part- or full-time planning anything from a first-birthday party, bar mitzvah or wedding to political fundraisers and product launches. In this edited excerpt, the authors discusses eight different ways you can promote your event planning business to the right you develop your event planning business, it's impor­tant to market in order to grow your client base. If people have met you and know what services you offer, they may refer business to you or use your service themselves. A line advertisement, simply listing your business name, is often provided free of charge when you connect your phone (if you have a landline). Because the market area for this kind of event planner can extend throughout a given county, a magazine focusing on that county can be an excellent one in which to advertise. Many planners opt for this business-card format because more information can be included than on a traditional business card, while the card remains small enough to be tucked inside a wallet or e the name of your business, contact information (e-mail, phone and website address, for instance), your name, specialization, your logo, and some testimonials from past clients. Ask vendors with whom you work (florists, caterers and photographers, for instance) if you can leave a stack of business cards in their places of ative brochures. Like your business card, a well-designed, professional brochure can help cement your image as a professional planner. Prospective clients will make judgments about your company based on your brochure, so make sure it's conceived and produced at the highest level brochure should include all the information listed on your tri-fold business card and allow you to expand upon this information, in particular, by adding photographs. You may also want to include a photo of ze your chances of success by making sure your company brochure matches the type of business you have. All materials should look professional, but if you are marketing to a budget-conscious group, a too-glamorous brochure can send the wrong message—and send potential budget-conscious clients running in the opposite with your business cards, leave your brochure with caterers, florists, photographers, and other vendors with whom you’ve mail. Event planner david granger says that while word of mouth is his most effective advertising, he uses mailing lists of the organizations his company belongs to (international special events society, meeting professionals international, national association for catering and events, and the dallas convention and visitors bureau).

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Consider the following:Take a course or a series of courses in event in an hour or more with an industry other events to study how they're as many arts-related functions as possible (e. So create a facebook page for your event planning business, but use it sparingly for promoting your business. Check out the facebook pages of other event planners and other service businesses you use and admire to see how they're using facebook to their r. With twitter, you can tweet quick messages to your subscribers to remind them about your business. Or “just found out about a great new event venue with full-service spa—does your corporate event need planning? People don't forward commercials to their friends -- they forward your own business, 6th : the staff of entrepreneur media, inc. Surefire internet businesses you can start for under $5,: the staff of entrepreneur media, your own arts and crafts business : the staff of entrepreneur media, d book: start your own event planning your own business, 6th : the staff of entrepreneur media, inc. Surefire internet businesses you can start for under $5,: the staff of entrepreneur media, your own arts and crafts business : the staff of entrepreneur media, ad will close in 15 seconds... Login clicking "create account" i agree to the entrepreneur privacy policy and terms of grill/getty d april 24, ’ve taken the plunge and now have your own event planning business. After spending all that time getting things up and running, now is the time to promote your event business and establish a client sure where to begin? If a potential customer searches online for “wedding planners” in your area, your business better come up ing upon what services you provide, these platforms can all be used in different ways for advertising your event planning in is a professional network and is a great place to market your event planning business. Linkedin is based on professional connections and provides the opportunity to establish leads that are valuable during the event planning tions made through linkedin may help you find event sponsors, event vendors as well as potential a facebook page for your business and link it to your personal facebook page. That way you are connecting your personal contacts with your event business and those personal “friends” may like or share posts from your professional page.

You can include pictures from events and share information regarding upcoming events and guest speakers. Twitter’s 140 character limit is perfect for sending and receiving short messages concerning your events, from sharing your excitement about an upcoming featured guest or an update on parking an expert…and blog about itblogging continues to grow in popularity and is a valuable social media tool. Starting an event planning blog is simple, it’s free, and it is an easy way to generate an audience. So, if event planning is your area of expertise or if you have a niche within the realm of event planning – wedding planning or kid birthday parties or the like – then a blog is the place to provide in-depth information in this area. Explain your event planning business, the services you provide and leave them with your marketing material and contact information. Once they have met you face-to-face and learned what services you offer, they may refer business to you or hire you themselves for one of their upcoming events. This is also an opportunity for you to meet others in the industry, as you may need to hire them for their services when you plan you are new as a business owner, you join a whole family of people who operate their own businesses. Many of the challenges and frustrations of running your own business are shared by others in different industries who have also chosen this career path. Join local industry associations for small business owners as well as any groups for those in event planning. These organizations often host monthly meetings, regular breakfasts, guest speakers or casual events where you are encouraged to get to know one another and the products or services you provide. You may meet a local caterer who is a good fit for one of your upcoming events. Or learn of a restaurant owner who wants to rent out their space for hosting parties and events. In addition, these fellow business owners can tell you how they handle payroll or where they rent office equipment or how they market their eer your serviceswhile working for free probably isn’t on your event business to-do list, it is a great opportunity to showcase your talents and services and add another experience to your roster.

Many charitable organizations do not have the budgets to hire an event planner so whatever services you can provide will be greatly appreciated. You will meet many people involved in the planning of fundraisers and events and this is a valuable network for potential future business. To write an event planning business to write an event planning service planning 101: how to grow an event planning king to promote your event planning business. Ways to stop giving away free event planning how to protect your event planning business with to negotiate the best event planner ng an event management business? Tips to finding the right event planning company for your to hire and work with caterers for an event. How to deal with competition in the event planning is the first in a series of posts on marketing tips for the events ng a service-based business like an event planning business is no easy task, mainly because you are essentially marketing and selling yourself and your ability to do what you say you can experienced event planner or professional will tell you that one of the keys to running a successful event planning business is keeping the pipeline full of prospects. And so we asked hundreds of event professionals on linkedin what marketing strategies work best for them, and here are the top r, before we continue, i wanted to share two key , many planners mentioned that planning amazing events that leave a memorable impression on clients and guests and exceed clients’ expectations is one of the best marketing tactics itself, mainly because great performances lead to word-of-mouth and referrals. Second, in order for any marketing tactic to be effective, you need to be consistent in applying it. A rule of thumb used by one prominent consultant to event businesses is to spend a minimum of 10 hours a month on marketing (and i would submit that it should be more like 20 or 30 hours). 1 – networking / planners are social animals by nature, so it’s no surprise that most of them find that networking is by far the most effective marketing tactic they ping and nurturing relationships with other vendors who can refer you business is critical here. One planner agrees to donate their services to manage a charitable event for a hotel in exchange for getting loads of referrals from the key thing to remember here is to find reputable, reliable partners to refer people to, because you will not make friends by referring leads to less-than-stellar referrals also come from former clients, and the best way to encourage this is to periodically reach out to your former and existing clients and ask them if they know of anyone who could use your services. Remember, if you don’t ask, people may assume you’re busy enough, so always, always singly, many event professionals cite having great success using social media sites – primarily facebook – to find new clients. In fact, one planner said that 60-70% of their business comes from starters, this tactic requires both having a well-developed facebook page as well as building up the number of your fan page “likes” (which you can do by putting links to your facebook page in your email footers, on your web site pages, in your e-newletters, etc.

Note that posts with photos and videos rank higher than posts with just text or with links; hootsuite is a great tool for automating this l event planners also noted that locally targeted facebook ads worked well for them in driving visitors to their pages, and it may be worth trying. 3 – search engine marketing and course this requires a website (which, in our opinion, isn’t a marketing tactic as much as it is a necessity of being in business), and you need to put the requisite time and resources into making your event web site stand one of the most effective ways that event planners are driving visitors to their site is through programs like google adwords and bing advertising. For example, if you are an event planner in denver, co, you can bid on keywords such as “denver event planner”, “denver wedding planner” and “denver event planning” to drive search traffic to your site. It’s advisable to start with a small budget and addition, you can optimize your web site title tags and copy with keywords and work on building mentions and links to your site (start with asking your networking partners for online recommendations/links), which can help with your organic search engine planners are using email in three different ways to attract new , they are emailing current and former clients to stay top-of-mind in case they or their acquaintances need event planning , they are building their own lists via their web site (using incentives like free e-newsletters) as well as information they gather at trade shows and such, and they are periodically emailing these lists with useful event-related , they are using email groups to connect with both prospects as well as referral partners, sharing their expertise and passing leads back and forth among community works best? Try each method out for yourself and see what works for y, trade shows round out the top five marketing tactics for event planners. But the added expense is worth it to many planners simply because of the sheer number of potential prospects walking the r strategy planners can take with trade shows is to co-op with another vendor and share space so that you can spit the costs but still have a prominent planners have also noted success using the following marketing tactics and materials:Business collateral like flyers, brochures, business g clients is so much easier if you show them you have the tools and resources to handle their events. Planning pod has 26+ easy-to-use event management tools that are used by thousands of event planners every day to manage their events and impress our online software today for ss management, ss tips, event marketing, event planning, industry recources, marketing, share this story :)facebooktwitterlinkedinpintehed by jeff is co-founder and head of marketing and sales for planning all posts by jeff usview planningpod’s profile on facebookview planpod’s profile on twitterview planningpod’s profile on instagramview planningpod’s profile on pinterestview jeffkear’s profile on linkedinview uclla8mczksh_fhakuq8tsjg’s profile on youtubeview 107279808912082608911’s profile on google+ recent best way to pitch event ideas to  to decide on the best event technology for  your hybrid event from epic fail with these 24 insights. Event security tips that can save you from  recent tweetsmy tweetsbrowse article categoriesbrowse article planning for wedding vendors & ry intelligence and tendee ss er er industry management planner planning planning registration to email was not sent - check your email addresses! Check failed, please try , your blog cannot share posts by e_arcurs/getty d april 21, leads and referrals are the lifeblood of every event-related business. And while this holds true for almost every industry, the reality is that marketing any event service is not easy. New event projects launch every day behind the closed doors of board meetings, emails, and phone conversations. This means you are always reacting to inquiries instead of being part of the a perfect world, your event planning services should be mentioned in the first stages of a client’s event dialogue. Engagement is the key, and this is where those who try to “do it alone” often publiceven the most qualified planner will struggle to land new clients without live includes public participation at industry events and media appearances.

It is not an easy job to fill a show with content every single day, and if you can approach the right person with a unique angle then you will have no problem getting your foot in the to become a resident expert on event planning and you might even land a regular spot on the airwaves! A lot of non-profit events would appreciate having the expertise of an event planner available. Even if you can’t commit to running their event, there are plenty of other ways to participate. Non-profit advisors and committees are typically staffed by local dignitaries and business leaders, all of whom have the connections to drive large quantities of leads to your h existing customerssometimes we get so focused on landing new customers that we forget about the existing assets sitting dormant in our contact lists. Obviously, you want to reach out to those who are unaware to update them on your career, but you should also reach out to everyone you haven’t talked to in over a them know what projects you have been working on and give them the necessary information to refer business your prospectsthis is one technique that is very powerful and woefully underutilized by most. The concept is to network with related businesses in an effort to identify ways you can share customers and prospects. At the very least it makes sense to feature the business card of related businesses at your shop and trade show booths. As long as you aren’t competing with your partners then the relationship should benefit ing your event planning service requires commitment and creativity. No single idea will likely be enough to produce year-round need to compile a marketing plan that includes a variety of exposure outlets; from online properties to good old-fashioned 8 trade shows and opportunities for event out the difference between event planning and , you want to become an event planner? A job as an event event planning isn't about throwing to be an event planner: getting are the key event planning skills to highlight on your to break into the event industry as a catering sales planning courses: which one is right for you? Your first event job and start an event g a big event planning client with little event planning job much can an event planner make? Sneaky" ways to find corporate jobs that include event g an event planning to get clients for your event planning business [updated 2017]. Stafford17 comments last updated on january 7 play to watch this whole video and then be sure to read all the free methods below that can land you more clients than you know what to do with:Since originally publishing this article we have heard back from so many students about their successes in getting new clients so we are updating this article with all of the methods that have been working for our event are methods that are not discussed on any other event planning sites so get out your notebooks and write down your favorite methods!

If you do not trust their business sense then do not let their opinions change your passion for planning. Business cards to your friends that they can pass to do a free event for your friends and family in exchange for a yelp review, photo shoot and friends to share your website on their facebook can also tell former bosses, past business acquaintances and former co-workers. Trust me when i say they all want to hear about your new you reach out to your inner circle, you can launch a social media outreach to get clients through social images of your events or other beautiful events you like on and connect with similar people on twitter and use the “advanced search” function to find brides-to-be, corporate clients, venues, vendors, etc and begin following and interacting with local community groups on facebook and start adding value to the groups by posting your knowledge. We call this “planing your seed”, and in a few months the seeds you plant in the social media world will grow to be large, beautiful, healthy you begin marketing on social media make sure you choose the same company name on every platform (same name on twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube). Yelp, thumbtack and craigslist are some of the best places to get new clients but the key is to have 10 or more have found that 10 five-star reviews is the magic students’ businesses have really taken off when they diligently get to that number on yelp and google are the top review sites for you to get reviews on:Google plus / google you ask friends, family, past clients, vendors and venues for reviews if you still do not have 10 reviews, then you should start offering your services specifically in exchange for reviews. People will jump at the next opportunity that event planners don’t think about is reaching out the local you are interested in pursuing the media, you should have a blog on your site to give you more opportunities to cover local events, issues or events that the media participates in. This provides extra incentive for the media to communicate with to get clients through the local your event or wedding services for free to well known writers or bloggers in your of a creative contest to hold and then reach out local bloggers to let them know about it. Interesting ideas like these are what bloggers and newspapers want to write writers to show your before and after photos from a grand opening event or local community gathering that you put media uses twitter frequently – start building relationships with them by tweeting interesting local news to them to build sure you read what the local newspaper or blogs write about and when you have something to say, leave them a comment or send them an email. All writers enjoy feedback and engagement about their a local event that you organize for newspaper writers, bloggers and the media. This way you get to show off your skills, build relationships with the media, give them something fun to do and get the word out about your are some other ideas to implement into your marketing plan. New career in the expanding market of event planning can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience. A recent article published by entrepreneur states:The united states census shows that the event planning industry is experiencing one of the highest growth average salary of a top event planner can reach around $100,000. Recent study by joe goldblatt, a certified special events professional, shows that annual spending worldwide for event planning is $500 billion starting out in the field, gaining clients is of the utmost importance to establish a solid foundation for your new aspect is also one of the most difficult challenges with an event planning er the following options to help build your client base:The best way to start building a portfolio is to volunteer your services to family and will feel more confident in working with the general public, once you have organized several events for people you know.

Be sure to take photos and put them in a binder to show potential clients in the can also use your photos for a digital portfolio to place on your learn more about volunteering as an event planner, read this article: how to volunteer as an event don’t have to be a computer wiz to build a ing as simple as wordpress and your own domain name is a great way to build can buy a domain and launch a wordpress site with a free template for less than $100 at your contact information, along with the services you offer, so you have a place to direct your clients when you receive photos of the events you have done so your work is visible. Brainstorm 12 ideas and you’ll have enough for one blog post each month for a an expert in your it’s time for people to organize events they usually search around for articles and tips; and if you can position yourself as an expert in your specialty there will be a lot of eyeballs on example, when a corporate event opportunity comes up and they need to hire an event planner – the decision maker will most likely go online and read information about their type of your specialty is in this category and you have information online about your expertise with freely available advice potential clients are much more likely to reach out to can become an expert in a niche by:Writing articles on your own g youtube short videos of you or your employees giving a facebook ok pages are very simple to create. Post photos, links to your blog and website along with any specials you are will post additional articles in the coming weeks with tips on building your facebook following in much more event planners, business cards are a them out to anyone that inquires or leave them in places where potential clients may gather, such as coffee shops or banquet halls. Give some to your friends and family to pass out to others that may be sure to list your website, blog and facebook links along with the description of your services and other contact information on the rint is a great resource for business advantage of craigslist is that it is free to post your services to a wide to your website and include photos of your work in your post and direct your ad to the location of your choice. Update your listing every couple weeks to keep the listing fresh for any updates you make and fresh on the and angie’s se your credibility by having past clients leave reviews for your business on yelp and angie’s proof is a big part of winning over new clients. People look at reviews for most services including event planning can also look at the feedback and reviews you get to learn what is important to your clients. In the event planning world, referrals are get more referrals, you’ll need to build a solid business. Little trick, though, to standing out in the minds of your clients is to always give them something to talk about and something to ’s say you setup an employee holiday party for a local business. But if you hire a comedian to perform a show that is something people can talk always give your clients cards so they have something to hand out when their fellow business owners and managers ask about event planning ing your business can be fun if you create a thorough plan and systematically work on each marketing channel mentioned above. You have to learn to promote yourself if you want your event planning business to lly these marketing channels will provide some good ideas to get you started. We’ve seen them work for other event planners and we know they can work for articles like this are helpful to your event planning, you will enjoy our full "become an event planner" course. This limited time trial includes how to get more clients, proposal samples, 23 free bonus templates, and contracts; as well as 11 modules and weekly projects to help grow your business, even if you have no experience. I hope it will go a long way in helping me start my new event planning business.

I would think that a list of tasks is the best way to stay organized and to make sure that you meet all of the proper requirements for planning. Want to make sure that you personalize your portfolio for every client you meet depending on the type of event they need planned. Have one of the most thorough articles about marketing your business and you should read the whole article. Success in the event planning business is to start marketing your services effectively and hope you get a steady string of clients out of […]. Most event planners think of marketing their event business, they think of expensive advertising they can’t afford. Reasons why you should have a blog on your event planning to get clients for your event planning business on to charge a fee for your event planning to create a wedding planning ant software for event g alcohol cost and bar ial tips for beginning event to plan the ultimate beach steps in launching your own event to write an event planning proposal. Tips to starting your event planning to get clients for your event planning business [updated 2017].